Treatment of different types of addiction

Once you realize you can’t stop when you start drinking alcohol, smoking, sniffing cocaine, gambling, or your evenings or weekends get out of hand because of alcohol and/or drugs use, you watch more porn than you want to and you are ashamed of what you do …
Then you may wonder whether you have a problem or an addiction

Maybe you are a partner or a member of the family of someone with a problem or an addiction to alcohol or drugs, to gaming, porn & sex, and you want someone to talk to, you need advice or you simply want to know more about addiction and how to deal with it.

With more than 20 years of experience in treatment of different kinds of addictions, Affect2u offers several efficient ways of treatment in a discrete and intimate environment.

“We treat private clients and family members for addictions
using an affordable and discrete treatment that really works.”

If you want an intake conversation for yourself, or as a member of the family or partner you want to fix an appointment for yourself, you can always call us at +32 (0)497 20 20 80.

What makes Affect2U so unique?

For people suffering from an addiction, the first step to aid is a real barrier and mostly this step is taken in crisis situations. Therefore, Affect2u guarantees a fast intake without any waiting list!

During the first consultation we already recommend a treatment, in consultation with the client and/or family.

The 12 Steps Minnesota treatment programme is not a religious one, but a spiritual one. The core is that others –with recovery experience and longtime clean life- are eager to help you to do the same. That is the power (the spiritual aspect). Like to read more about our programme?

Sibyl Pien, Klinisch Psycholoog en eigenaar Affect2U

Sibyl Pien
Klinisch Psychologe
Owner Affect2u

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+32 (0)497 20 20 80


Where can I go to?

We provide ambulant individual therapeutic sessions with the client, as well as therapeutic sessions in presence of family members. It is also possible to provide therapeutic sessions for the family and/or partner, without the addict being present (if for example he/she is not ready yet for ambulant or residential treatment).

Hoboken, Antwerp

Affect2U offers inpatient as well as outpatient treatments. Click the button below to read more about our treatments.