Inpatient treatment

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Residential/Inpatient treatment

According to our professional advice or on demand of the client with addiction problems, we propose a inpatient treatment, whereas a residential therapy considerably increases the chance to become clean and sober. Your treatment will take one month and may be prolonged either on our advice, either on demand of or according to the needs of the client.

Our residential treatments:

  • Residential treatment primary care in our 12 steps clinic in Hoboken (Antwerp):
    In a domestic environment, with maximum 14 other residents, you will learn about addiction as an illness, about yourself in relation to addiction, why you couldn’t stop even if you had the intention to do so, and how to build up a happy sober life without any medication. You will be considered as a human being, not as a patient. During the 12 steps therapy, you will learn it is not your fault to have this illness, but that it is up to you to take full responsibility for your recovery.
  • Residential treatment secondary care in our 12 steps clinic in Hoboken (Antwerp):
    Our secondary care programme is designed to support our clients to make the transition away from residential treatment or to support them after a relapse after inpatient therapy. You will be allowed to put the new skills you have been learning in individual as well as group therapies into practical use in a safe setting. This programme is an intermediate step in preparation for your return to living independently and for your long-term recovery.
  • Residential treatment in South Africa