Our vision

Affect2U strives to assume a responsible role in the struggle against the growing social problem
of addiction, in whatever form it takes. By focussing on willing adults who are prepared to
change their behaviours in sustainable ways we effectively tackle the underlying causes of their

Our mission

Affect2U provides the highest level of care for adults with dependency issues as well as integrated and comprehensive support for their families.

Each client brings a unique set of problems which have led to their specific addiction. Treatment
at Affect2U starts with a clinical diagnosis and an analysis of the client’s social context.

Our experienced multidisciplinary team of clinical psychologists and professional therapists have
extensive in-depth experience with 12-step Minnesota therapy.

Immediate treatment is possible as we don´t have a waiting list. Affect2U’s residential treatment and aftercare programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client and their family.

Our holistic approach results in superior opportunities for optimally adapted social, interpersonal
and family behaviours, successful social reintegration and sustainable recovery,

Our values

Empathetic and goal-orientated support of clients and their families.

Ethical and discrete dealings with all those involved throughout the change process.

Professional, passionate and outcomes-oriented team members who aspire to the highest levels of expertise.

Team commitment to a culture of learning in order to continuously improve the service to clients.

Sibyl Pien, Klinisch Psycholoog en eigenaar Affect2U

How can we help you?

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