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Sibyl Pien, Klinisch Psycholoog en eigenaar Affect2U

Sibyl Pien

Managing Director / Clinical Psychologist

I’ve been working in care and treatment of addicts since 1995. For several years, I have been working in the regular care environment in Belgium. In 2007 however, I switched to the private care 12 Steps Minnesota Model. For more than 4 years, I have combined both systems; my own clients and my work in foreign 12 Steps clinics.

I started Affect2u in 2012, my way to develop my passion and care for the recovery of addicts.
People often ask me whether this job is not too heavy or too difficult, or whether I am not tired of it after all those years … I can only answer “No” to that question! It is just awesome to work with people suffering from addiction in their process of recovery. For me, addicts choosing to become “clean and sober”, are the most creative and intelligent people I know.

I am grateful, because I can help to support a recovery process of people who are going through hell, families and partners that are suffering from grief, anger and shame because of the addiction… leading those people back to a sober life, a grateful and peaceful life without any addiction or use of medication, and helping them repairing their relation with family and partners.

This process isn’t an easy one. In my opinion, addiction is one of the most complex and destructive illnesses that exist, with many different faces, making you believe there is no addiction at all, making you compare with “the drunk man under the bridge who has lost everything” … But nothing is further from the truth. Addiction can affect everyone, even and certainly the average and higher social class.

This passion and care taking is my vision and my mission, to guide every day again and again a person with addiction to the “sky”, instead of letting them skid to a hell of destruction, grief and death …

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