Outpatient treatment

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Outpatient treatment

Most of the clients want to start outpatient treatment at the intake conversation. We will thus provide individual therapeutic sessions at a weekly base or twice a week, depending on the problem, the demand and the personal circumstances of our client.

We provide ambulant individual therapeutic sessions with the client, as well as therapeutic sessions in presence of family members. It is also possible to provide therapeutic sessions for the family and/or partner, without the addict being present (if for example he/she is not ready yet for ambulant or residential treatment).

Beside individual outpatient sessions, we also offer the possibility to attend outpatient group sessions:

  • Family and partner meetings (every two weeks on Saturday (12:00-13:30):
    It is not necessary for your family member/friend to be in outpatient treatment in order to benefit from attending these meetings.
    An experienced sociologist or psychologist facilitates these groups and experiences are shared based on issues relevant to the patient’s recovery. You learn in a constructive way to draw the line and to live your life again, rather than letting your life being dominated by the addiction.
  • Kundalini Yoga every Tuesday (9:45-11:15):
    The clients as well as their family members can participate.
    Kundalini is a very effective way of yoga and constitutes an important part of the addiction healing process, for the family as well as for the client.
  • Reiki every Monday (15-16:00):
    The clients as well as their family members can participate.
    Yoga brings physical, mental and emotional rest and healing (in issues such as anxieties and traumas).