For people suffering from an addiction, the first step to treatment is a real barrier and mostly this step is taken in crisis situations. Therefore, Affect2u guarantees a fast intake without any waiting list! During the first consultation we already recommend a treatment, in consultation with the client and/or family.

The 12 Steps Minnesota therapy programme is not a religious one, but a spiritual one. The core is that others –with recovery experience and longtime clean life-  are eager to help you to do the same. That is the power (the spiritual aspect).
Experienced counsellors (with personal experience of addiction and recovery process) help you to change your old patterns of thinking and acting throughout the cognitive behaviour therapy (Minnesota Model) in order to minimize the risk of relapse.

The therapy programme at Affect2u is based on the Twelve Steps Minnesota Model. This model has been used with the necessary skills and expertise in the US and in Africa for more than ten years. In Belgium however, this kind of therapy is unique in our services. In Europe it is England (London) taking the lead in the Twelve Steps addiction programmes in private clinics. For about eight years now, we also see 12 Steps clinics emerge in other European countries (such as the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, France, …) (whether or not indemnified by health insurances).

We started our 12 Steps based programme at Affect2u with an ambulant programme in 2012. The permanent demand and necessity for an aftercare programme after primary treatment however, lead us to our 5 bed sober house expansion in 2014. Besides an ambulant treatment, we offer our clients a residential treatment in day-care.

And in 2017 we continue our treatment expansion further more. We offer not only a series of ambulant therapies, residential rehab in South-Africa and residential aftercare rehab in Belgium, but also a well-structured residential primary programme for men and women with an addiction.

Our services at Affect2u are focussed on offering an affordable, very qualitative, discrete and relevant “private paying clients” addiction therapy. You will be looked after by our team of dedicated counsellors experienced in 12 Steps treatment, as well in regular as in private care.

Both people living with addiction and family members and/or partners of those who suffer problems of addiction, can always contact us for an intake conversation. During this first contact, we will offer specialist advice and propose an adequate programme depending on your personal circumstances (ambulant or residential; residential rehab in Belgium). In conjunction with this, we also offer support for family members and/or partners from someone with an addiction, even if the addict himself/herself is not (yet) in therapy or does not (yet) want to be treated!

In order to become and to stay sober, and above all to minimize any possible relapse, we recommend to include the family in the therapeutic process: for those who suffer problems of addictions, this implies we will also work with people that are close to them. For the partner and/or family members attending therapeutic sessions, this implies that the client him-/herself has to get involved in the short or medium term.

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